Dragstra Stables Dark Tiesto is a 2014 Arabo-Friesian Stallion EASP approved.

18.75% Arabian   81.25% Friesian

Available for the 2020 season. 
Collection and shipping handled by
North Carolina State University.
The Arabo-Friesian is a gentle horse with a pleasant temperament. Strong and agile, their desire and willingness to perform along with their stamina and endurance make them a great choice for Combined Driving.  For the past decade Arabo-Friesians have successfully competed throughout Europe and prove to be an outstanding driving horse.  
Winning the dressage and second overall at the FEI European Championships Four-in-Hand Driving at Donaueschingen (Ger) in 2019.
Dark Tiesto bred and raised at Dragtsra Stables near Southern Pines, NC is standing at stud for 2020.
All breeding and shipping via North Carolina State University.    Contact us for Breeding Contract
 Dark Tiesto’s temperament and willingness to perform along with his strength and endurance make him a great choice for many disciplines.
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  1. arabo-friesian-stallion-dark-laes
    Sire - Dark Laes
  2. Friesian-stallion
    Febe Sire: Tjalf 443 Sport
  3. Dam - Febe
    Dam - Febe
  4. Febe Dam - Rixt (Crown)
    Febe Dam - Rixt (Crown)
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